About the LLC

Thanks for visiting the Cape Elizabeth Library and Learning Commons (LLC) site! Many of you are wondering what is happening in our school libraries, so we’d like to share some information with you.

First of all, our job titles have changed. While we are still Librarians – here to procure, protect and share high quality collections of books and media – the scope of our work is expanding. Our new title is Library and Instructional Technology Specialists, or LITS, to reflect our commitment to providing instruction to staff and students in the effective and meaningful use of technology in our educational experiences.

Who are we?

Amanda Kozaka at the Cape Elizabeth Middle School LLC

Jonathan Werner at both the Cape Elizabeth Middle School and High School LLCs

Carolyn Young at the Cape Elizabeth High School LLC

As we continue to transform how we work with all members of our learning community, we will be looking at ways to transform our libraries to include carefully designed learning spaces, or learning commons. The LLCs will still have books, and computers, offer classes and book groups, and provide the services you enjoy and rely on. But the move towards a learning commons model will allow us to provide so much more: spaces for classes, small group work, quiet reading, creating and editing audio and visual presentations, accessing online materials, and lounging in an inviting and comfortable environment.

We are exciting about the many positive changes happening in our libraries! We hope to see you soon.