Happy Medium: Print or Electronic?

In the world of Library Science, we are in the midst of a raging debate about how much to rely upon print vs. digital resources, how much we should be analogue centered vs. tech reliant.

Molly Shields’ article, “Picking Up Technology without Putting Down Books,” argues that an either/or answer to those questions will invariably be incomplete.  She suggests a more fluid analysis to determine which medium to choose.  And suggests we ask these four questions when making our decision:

The Four Considerations of Multimodal Learning

  1. Are we becoming increasingly dependent on media structures without considering future learning environments?
  2. Is our pedagogy at the mercy of countless failures (server crashes, weak network connections, dead links)?
  3. Or are we stuck chasing our own tails, exacerbated by the pace to keep up with the media we use?
  4. Is our focus slowly shifting to the medium used instead of the content delivered?

How do YOU decide when to be in print and when to be digital?  Perhaps these questions will help you frame your answers.