I-Search Resources

One of the most important aspects of the I-Search Process is how you organize yourself as you conduct your research. Taking a little bit of  additional time to get set up will save you an immense amount of frustration later on.

The documents you need are all stored HERE. But each document is also linked individually below.  Please click “CONTINUE READING –>” to access those links as well as additional tutorials and resources you may need.

1. Product DescriptorRequirements for your finished I-Search paper.

2. Choosing Your Topic: Questions to help you select and narrow your topic.

3. Part 1 – What I Knew: What did you know about your topic before you began your research? Where did your curiosity begin? Why were you interested? What personal meaning did the topic have for you?

4. Part 2 – What I Wanted to Know: Given everything you already knew, or didn’t know about your topic, what questions did you choose to research and why?  What will answering this question do for you?

5. Part 3 – The Search: What process did you use to research? How did you actually go about researching? Who did you talk to? What did they tell you? What books or magazines proved most useful? What did you learn from reading them? What internet sources proved useful? What startling facts did you discover? What questions arose? How were they answered? What mistakes did you make? What changed your plans? Why? Tell the story: What did you learn? How did you learn it?

6. Part 4 – What I Learned: What have been the fruits of your labor? When you sit down and look at the experience, was your question answered in the way you imagined it would be? Did your questions change the more you found out? What are the answers you think are most important, now? Why?

7. Annotated Bibliography: Use a least ten (10) sources. ALL information you gather through research, that does not qualify as common knowledge, must be documented using parenthetical references in the body of the text and in a works cited section as shown in the Cape Elizabeth Research Guidelines iBook. You may want to use this I-Search Sources worksheet.

In addition, consider these options: