Jordan: The Gilded Age and Progressive Era Biographies

Use the library catalog to search for titles we have in the physical library.

Some of you will not find whole books dedicated to the subject of your biography, that does not mean the CEHS library does not have information on this individual.

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Use the reference section to find information on your individual. Some reference sets you may want to look at include:

  • Dictionary of American Biography (REF 930.3)
  • Notable American Women (REF 973.092)
  • Encyclopedia of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (REF 973.8 2005)

Don’t forget about our eBooks, which can be found on the library website under Information Sources > For the High School in the Gale Virtual Reference Library

Take note of the information you will need for a biography: title of book, author/editor, publisher, publication city, publication year, and volume you used.

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U.S. History in Context: Primary and secondary sources focusing on events in United States History.

Primary Sources

Annals of America
Annals of American History – This database contains many primary source documents written by important figures in United States history. Access to this database is provided through MARVEL and can be found on the Information Sources: For the High School page and clicking the MARVEL link.

Annals of AmericaAmerican MemoryLibrary of Congress: American Memory Project – This website has many primary sources written by prominent figures in United States history. Image titles are surrounded by [brackets] while the titles of written works are in plain text.

Need some help citing primary sources? Click here for help from the Library of Congress