Jordan US History Policy Paper: Databases

The library databases can be found HERE. Or by clicking Information Sources > For the High School in the CEHS Library website menu.

Databases are available at home by using the passwords provided on the database page of the library website. You will need to log in with your school email account to see the list.

When searching a database it is a good idea to start with an advanced search. Advanced searchesĀ  allow you to customize your search in a way that is not possible with a basic search. You can add multiple search terms and limit your results by year published with an advanced search.


Need Help?

Database searching is a bit different than using a search engine. Click the image to the left for some database searching tips.

Keep a list of the keywords and combinations of keywords you search. Take note of the ones your are the most successful with and reuse these in different databases. This will help streamline your research.