Middle School LLC Renovation & Redevelopment Proposal

The Middle School Library and Learning Commons has recently submitted a proposal to the Cape Elizabeth Education Foundation (CEEF) requesting funding to renovate and redevelop the current space.   Our hope is to be able to:

  • Eliminate static, limited-use spaces
  • Create visibility and multi-functional workspaces
  • Accommodate individual and group use
  • Increase utilization of collection, staff and space
  • Develop a comfortable, inviting environment

The Learning Commons Model requires flexible spaces that permit multiple uses simultaneously.  Therefore, the renovation and redevelopment will focus on six specific areas:

  • Move books to wall-mounted/low, mobile shelves
  • Enlarge Classroom Space and relocate projector
  • Provide quieter, brightly lit study areas
  • Enlarge and restructure Information Desk
  • Add comfortable seating to expand utilization
  • Refurbish and revitalize aesthetics

We will keep you updated on our progress!