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 Among Others Cover Among Others by Jo Walton. Follow 15-year-old Morwenna Phelps as she is forced to leave her home in Wales after the tragic death of her twin sister in a classic good versus evil battle. Morwenna is sent to a boarding school in England where she is missing the one thing she never thought she would live without, magic. Available Now!
 This is Your Brain on Music Cover This is Your Brain on Music by Daniel J. LevitinIn this non-fiction book author Daniel J. Levitin looks at the connection between music and the human brain. Levitin explores why humans get to attached to certain songs, how music can get stuck in a person’s head and what really makes better musician: practice or talent. Coming Soon!

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 Brain on Fire Cover Brain on Fire by Susannah CahalanSusanna Cahalan woke up one morning strapped to a hospital bed with no memory of how she got there. She was told she was a violent flight risk and that she had been a patent at the hospital for nearly a month. Cahalan shares with readers the true story of her descent into madness and the struggle to diagnose her sudden mysterious illness. Available Now!
 Wonder Cover Wonder by R.J. PalacioAuggie is used to the confused and sometimes even terrified looks of others. After all, this is the way strangers have looked at him for his entire life. Auggie was born with a very different face and has coped with this so far by focusing on his family and his home schooling. But things  change for Auggie when his parents tell him that he will be starting traditional school in the fall. Will school be better for Auggie or will he never be able to be just another face in the crowd? Available Now!