Progressive Era/Gilded Age (U.S. History)

There is a cart of books on the Progressive Era and the Gilded Age available for you to look at in the library as well as books on individuals who were important to the era. Don’t forget to look in the indexes for information on the areas you are studying.

There is a note taking sheet available to you in both a paper and a digital form. This sheet asks you to write down all the information you will need to include in a bibliography as well as a place to keep track of important information you find.

Library of Congress Image search or click the image below. If your topic does not automatically give you a date to search try entering a broad date such as 1850 or 1900 to help narrow your search results.

Click the image below to add a digital version of the note taking sheet to Pages on your iPad.

Progressive Era Book Notes LOC Notes image LOC Notes image
Note taking sheet for printed books Note taking sheet for online encyclopedias  Note taking sheet for Library of Congress images

Click below for online resources (Mr. Jordan’s Classes)

Below are some web resources to help you find information to write your biography. Don’t forget about the library databases under Information Sources > For The High School

Annals of America
Annals of American History – This database contains many primary source documents written by important figures in United States history. Access to this database is provided through MARVEL and can be found on the Information Sources: For the High School page and clicking the MARVEL link.

Annals of AmericaAmerican MemoryLibrary of Congress: American Memory Project – This website has many primary sources written by prominent figures in United States history. Image titles are surrounded by [brackets] while the titles of written works are in plain text.

Need some help citing primary sources? Click here for help from the Library of Congress

Click here for a digital note taking form