Steiner Web Evaluation

There are 5 major things to look at when evaluating a website:

  1. Author
  2. Sponsor
  3. Content and Accuracy
  4. Currency
  5. Purpose of site

Look for Name and contact information. This information may not be readily available and could be in an “About Us” or “FAQ” section.

Ask yourself why the author is qualified to publish information on this source. Is it his or her experience? Education? Something else?

Sponsor and author can be the same but if this is not the case the sponsor is frequently:

  • A university of college
  • A business
  • A nonprofit company
  • A different organization
  • Example of a sponsor: The Cape Elizabeth School District for the library website

Content is important when looking at websites. You want to make sure that the website actually fills the research need you have and you are not just using it to add to you bibliography. When evaluating content ask yourself:

  • Can you understand it?
  • Is the topic covered thoroughly?
  • Is the information correct?
  • Are there spelling errors?
  • Does the author provide citations for his or her information?
  • Does the site look professional?

Purpose of the Site:
Why was the site created? Is it to inform readers about a topic? Teach a topic? Sell a product? Advertisement? Who is the intended reader? Teacher? Students? Other experts?

Evaluation Activity Links:

  1. Link One
  2. Link Two
  3. Link Three
  4. Link Four
  5. Link Five

Open this document with Pages on your iPad.  Fill it out with your group on the website you are assigned from the list above. Ask Ms. Young if you would prefer a paper copy.

We will share our findings at the end of the period.