What is the LLC?

Have you heard the buzz about Libraries and Learning Commons?

Your Library and Instructional Technology Specialists have been talking to staff and community members about how to transform our traditional library spaces into vibrant and vital learning spaces. What does this mean?

Close your eyes and picture a library.

Is it a room lined with towering shelves? Is it a very quiet place?

We hope it is an open and inviting space with areas for exploring, reading, viewing, relaxing, working on projects, or attending presentations.

Do you think of a library as a place to simply store and share print information?

We envision a place to actively engage with facts and ideas in a variety of formats, a place to become inspired and informed, a place that encourages exploration and celebrates expression.

Our goal is to transform the way we, as a school community, think about our libraries and then redesign the way we use our library spaces. What do you imagine? What do you suggest?

Coming soon, the Library and Learning Commons @ your school library. We look forward to hearing your ideas!